The Rainscreen Industry in North America was born from a few conversations and emails about the lack of knowledge and guidance on rainscreens. Although the rainscreen principle has been used for centuries, there was no industry group that brought organizations, dedicated to the field, together.

In June 2019, our investigative meeting attendance far surpassed expectations. In 2020, RAiNA officially launched with 70 members. Now looking back on 2020, all the work done by the membership is greatly appreciated and has set the foundation for the association.

Individuals have volunteered their time and energy to help organize and grow the association. Take some time to view the page dedicated to the board of directors and those on the executive committee.

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Building Codes Committee

Co-chairs: Andy Williams & Brian Nelson


2020 Key Accomplishment: Submit code change proposal #7428 to add rainscreen to 14.10 in the International Building Code


2021 Goal: Focus on energy and structural sections of the codes and submit in January 2022 on behalf of RAiNA

Residential Committee

Co-chairs: Keith Lolley & Peter Barrett


2020 Key Accomplishment: Drafted a PowerPoint presentation on rainscreen in residential construction


2021 Goal: Create RAiNA presentation and record mini-series for membership



Definitions Committee

Co-chairs: Tonia Sorrell-Neal & Andrew Ashton



2020 Key Accomplishment: Created definition for "rainscreen" - Assembly applied to an exterior wall which consists of, at minimum, an outer layer, an inner layer, and a cavity between them sufficient for the passive removal of liquid water and water vapor.


2021 Goal: Continue the work of defining terms as identified by the committee

Industry Outreach & Marketing Committee

Co-chairs: Soph Davenberry &

Kellie Knuff Perkins


2020 Key Accomplishment: Launched RAiNA website and grew awareness and participation in RAiNA among stakeholders in the rainscreen industry


2021 Goal: Increase membership, identify and partner with other organizations, hold virtual events, and publish quarterly newsletter



Education & Training Committee

Co-chairs: Chris Caricato & Robert Blount


2020 Key Accomplishment: Developed a 2020 work plan


2021 Goal: Develop a presentation for AIA with CEU credits

Rainscreen Performance Committee

Co-chairs: Graham Finch & David Markman


2020 Key Accomplishment: Drafted a technical paper "Defining Rainscreen Wall Performance"


2021 Goal: Publish technical bulletin