IIBEC’s very first IIBEC Interface Collection is now available to purchase (print or digital). This publication collects parts one through four of “Anatomy of Construction Litigation,” written by Derek Hodgin and John Wylie. Each of the four parts was originally published individually over 2019 and 2020 in various issues of IIBEC Interface. For your convenience, all four articles have been collected into one volume.

“Serving as an expert can be a rewarding experience that allows for a depth of research and understanding not typically provided in traditional design professional roles,” said author Derek Hodgin. “An effective expert is ultimately serving as a teacher to all parties in a case, not just the client who retained the expert.”

Chapter 1 discusses the first element of a typical construction litigation case, the identification of defects, and provides commentary based on direct involvement in numerous cases in which the authors have provided expert services to both plaintiffs and defendants. Chapter 2 discusses the preparation of a written report, providing commentary and “best practices” for a construction litigation report. Many of the recommendations would apply to other consulting fields as well. The third chapter discusses repair scope, and the fourth and final installment explains the finer points of expert testimony.