Bendheim has combined its fully customizable architectural glass product line with the ability to initiate consultative design in a new virtual tour of the company’s New York City-based Design Lab.

The recently-unveiled virtual tour allows architects to view hundreds of products and initiate project consultations. Created in part as Bendheim’s response to the worldwide pandemic, it provides a safer, comprehensive, and more efficient material selection platform for architects.

“This virtual tour is unlike any other because the space is not a typical ‘showroom,’” said Steven Jayson, Vice President of Bendheim. “It is, rather, a collaborative hub, where we use a wealth of materials and our design consultants’ expertise to invent unique solutions for projects. We have the ability to demonstrate everything from a completely new aesthetic to the right system to install the glass … It is not about displaying products. It’s about delivering a productive and rewarding consultative design experience.”

The virtual tour provides architects a safe alternative for product selection without the need for face-to-face contact or physical handling. Virtual guests can see glass in large sizes and full-scale mockups of Bendheim’s systems. They can also access detailed product literature, view project case studies, and see how Bendheim products are made and tested.

The Design Lab is also open by appointment for in-person meetings and practices proper safety protocols. It is located on the top floor of the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue, NYC. For more information, please visit