CRL, the leading full-service provider of architectural metals, glass fittings, and professional-grade glazing supplies, recently hosted a two-day testing session for the Architectural Glass and Metal Technician (AGMT) certification program. Conducted February 27-28, 2023, at CRL’s Vernon, Calif., headquarters, the test was the first to be hosted at a manufacturer facility, demonstrating increasing industry support for the AGMT certification.

AGMT is North America’s only ANSI-accredited, third-party assessment of an experienced glazier’s knowledge and abilities – validated through written knowledge-based and hands-on performance-based testing.

“Innovation, education, and certification are complementary endeavors that are essential for our industry,” said Steve Whitcomb, Senior Vice President of Sales and Operations at CRL. “CRL is committed to safety and quality in the glazing industry and the AGMT program reinforces quality installations by glaziers who have undergone a rigorous evaluation.”

At the CRL event, four glaziers from Corona, California-based Glazing Concepts, Inc. earned AGMT certification, joining more than 1,200 other certified glaziers in the U.S. and Canada. Hands-on testing requires two days and over six hours of intensive glazing system installation on test rigs transported to the site by AGMT program coordinators. Glaziers are evaluated on curtainwall layout and installation, storefront/entrance glass installation, sealing, and safety measures.

“Along with North American Contractor Certification (NACC), AGMT ensures proficiency and safety in glazing installations,” said AGMT Program Administrator Jeff Dalaba. “AGMT has grown both due to the willingness of glaziers to earn the credential and from the support of industry leaders like CRL. We look forward to continued partnership.”

In addition to hosting and providing some materials for the February test, CRL also donated caulk, backer rods, applicator knives, and plastic shims to three sites in California and New York for testing throughout 2023.