Sto Corp., announced Sto Masonry Veneer Engineered Systems (MVES), set to launch January 11th, 2021. The new offering will allow the pairing of veneers of natural stone, thin brick, cultured stone or ceramic tiles with Sto’s fully engineered EIFS, stucco, or cement board systems.

“Architects will use multiple claddings in a single design to achieve their desired aesthetics, but they still want continuity and compatibility with the building envelope,” said Sto Corp. Senior Product Manager Karine Galla. “With the Sto Masonry Veneer Engineered Systems, they get one system that delivers the performance they need without sacrificing any creative freedom. It’s like we say: Creativity Begins. Sto Finishes.”

StoTherm ci MVES, StoPowerwall MVES and StoQuik Silver MVES, Sto’s respective EIFS, stucco and cement board systems, offer the durability, air, water and vapor protection plus the complete compatibility with other Sto architectural surfaces or systems that have been the hallmark of all Sto engineered systems. And they provide designers with even more options within the Sto family of building envelope solutions.

The introduction of the new MVES products comes as masonry products continue to grow more popular with homebuyers, builders and designers. The new products meet that demand and deliver other benefits as well, according to Galla. “The popularity of masonry isn’t going anywhere anytime soon,” she explains. “And of course, there are considerable cost savings from the use of veneers.”