IMETCO (Innovative Metals Company, Inc.) is now among a short list of metal manufacturers to carry ICC approvals for its metal wall cladding systems. The company recently received ICC approvals for its Latitude™ and Element™ architectural wall panels used as a part of its rainscreen systems.

ICC-ES, a subsidiary of the International Code Council (ICC), provides evaluation reports aimed at making it easier for those charged with enforcing code to determine the compliance of products with the building code. With ICC reports, government agencies such as the California DSA, Florida Building Products, TX TDI, etc. provide quick and easy permit approvals.

“ICC approvals are only granted after extensive vetting of exceptionally tested products by reputable manufacturers. As such, IMETCO has been recognized as a premier supplier of high quality engineered rainscreen metal cladding systems and one of only few with such approvals in the industry.” said Jonnie Hasan, P.E., IMETCO’s director of engineering and sales support.

Specific panel approval reports are now available for review online at