IMETCOIMETCO Rainscreen Wall Systems Package

 Innovative Metals Company Inc. (IMETCO) offers a fully integrated rainscreen assembly, combining best-in-class cladding along with cavity and framing components designed to provide high-performance energy efficiency, sustainability and longevity under a single-source warranty. According to the company, ts straightforward design effectively addresses the four major control layers of a wall assembly, including water, air, insulation and vapor. IntelliScreen systems include a versatile line of metal wall panels available in various materials and colors; a vented horizontal hat channel with a patent-pending design that creates a crucial one-inch air cavity for drainage and ventilation and virtually eliminates thermal bridging; stone wool continuous insulation offering unmatched thermal efficiency, fire resistance and noise reduction; and water-resistive air barriers that stop the flow of air and liquid water while allowing controlled diffusion of water vapor. For more information, visit