Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has announced that it has partnered with LogiSon Acoustic Network to provide networked sound masking, paging, and music technology that is pre-qualified for use with Armstrong ceiling systems.

By teaming with leading manufacturers such as LogiSon Acoustic Network, Armstrong is able to provide pre-engineered, totally integrated, easy-to-specify ceiling systems. In addition, by offering a range of pre-qualified compatible components through its partners, Armstrong eliminates the need for architects and designers to spend time researching compatibility for their ceiling layouts.  

Absorb, Block and Cover Noise

“Whether you’re designing a new facility or solving speech privacy and noise issues in an existing space, the ABC Rule—which stands for absorb, block and cover—is your recipe for success,” says Niklas Moeller, Vice President, LogiSon Acoustic Network. “Armstrong provides solutions to absorb and block noise, while our technology accurately delivers the background sound level and spectrum needed to cover noise,” Moeller adds.

The LogiSon networked architecture easily scales for facilities of all sizes and provides the flexibility to quickly adjust settings as needs change. To ensure clients derive the full benefit from their investment in sound masking technology, the system’s output is also auto-tuned to an independently-proven masking spectrum using the system’s unique TARGET application. 

“Our zones are only one-to-three loudspeakers in size, giving us local control across the entire workplace,” Moeller says. “We can adjust the masking sound exactly where needed to achieve the desired curve, maximizing speech privacy, noise control and occupant comfort.”

Works in Variety of Ceiling Treatments  

With its contemporary components and clean cabling, the LogiSon Acoustic Network is uniquely designed to work in facilities featuring a variety of ceiling solutions. Though typically installed above a suspended tile, the loudspeakers easily blend in with other elements in visible applications. Its TARGET tuning of small control zones ensures the required masking spectrum is consistently achieved throughout all areas, regardless of variations in ceiling treatment.

“Too often, sound masking is implemented after a client moves in and discovers their space doesn’t provide the level of speech privacy and noise control they expected. Integrating this technology from the outset shows a proactive approach to dealing with acoustics,” says Moeller. “We appreciate Armstrong’s commitment to offering a complete solution and we’re excited to combine our expertise to ensure clients achieve effective acoustics in their space.”

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