As storms continue to ravage coastal areas, communities are looking to build with stronger, more advanced materials designed to better withstand extreme weather events. Closed-cell spray foam insulation is the most efficient, cost-effective material available and meets all building code and national flood insurance requirements. The Demilec Heatlok Series Closed-Cell Spray Foam offers the newest technology advancements in medium-density, compact installations with products proven to be air, vapor, and water barrier resistant. The complete Demilec product portfolio offers commercial design professionals and construction companies (commercial and residential) innovative solutions with trusted results.

“We understand the devastation many coastal communities face and the amount of information and regulations that need to be addressed during building efforts can be overwhelming,” said Tom Harris, Vice President of Demilec Building Science. “At Demilec, we want to help ease that burden by offering innovative and effective solutions that will protect these areas for years to come. Closed-cell spray foam is just one of our products proven to help improve structural integrity and resistance to floodwater damage.”

In addition to being named a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Class 5 building material, the Demilec Heatlok Series of closed-cell spray foam products are engineered to be eco-conscious, offer expedient installation options, as well as downstream energy return on investment.

“We want to encourage the use of closed-cell spray foam products and help educate industry professionals on the long-term benefits of using NFIP Class 5 building materials,” Harris said. “Modern building technologies and products are constantly evolving, along with government and city regulations, which is why it’s very important to partner with trusted manufactures willing to guarantee their products. We have the scientific research and industry expertise to stand behind every product we make.”

Construction industry professionals and consumers will benefit from remarkable energy savings because these products seal all areas where they are installed, creating both air and moisture barriers. Users will see a decrease in outside pollutants such as dust and allergens and outside noise disturbances. Closed-cell spray foam insulation can be used in new building projects, as well as retrofitted into existing structures. The Demilec Building Science Group closely monitors Department of Energy and NFIP requirements to ensure that products meet the highest possible standards. This allows construction partners and design professionals to install and specify Demilec closed-cell spray foam products with confidence.

Industry professionals, business owners and home owners can learn more about the benefits of closed-cell spray foam and the Demilec product guarantee by visiting and connecting with Demilec through social channels.