A sleek metal shingle product designed for durability, curb appeal and protection from fire, Boral Steel’s Cottage Shingle creates a strong, weather-tight, environmentally-friendly metal and stone roof that protects the home for many decades. The material uses contrasting stone chip colors to provide a multi-blend (HD) accent to suit almost any architecture. Each panel effectively incorporates an industry first – offset, multi-grooved, deep weather, side-lap with Hi-Lo panel surfaces that create the classic cottage look.
The technical innovation and quality of the product begins with a computerized stone-chip grading and blending process. Boral uses a finer, higher quality, non-oiled natural granite stone chip that provides one of the tightest industry stone-coating matrixes available. Colors are either solid or flashed to provide a variegated non-patterned appearance.
Boral Cottage Shingle roofing is available in a variety of colors including Shadow Wood, Walnut, Weathered Timber, Birch, Cedar and Sage Green. Ideal for use in areas where wildfires, earthquakes and high winds are a concern, additional benefits of the material include: Class A Fire Rating, corrosion resistance, Title 24 compliance, lightweight (i.e. ideal for new construction AND retrofits), manufactured using up to 50 percent recycled material. The Boral Basecoat is also a proprietary formulation that promotes long-life in all climates. Visit www.BoralRoof.com.