TRU Compliance, a division of Structural Integrity Associates, Inc., has achieved accreditation from the International Accreditation Service (IAS) as a product certification body for seismic, wind, and blast/physical security performance of nonstructural components. According to the International Accreditation Service, TRU Compliance is the second company to be certified for Seismic performance of non-structural components and the first company to be certified for Wind and Blast/Physical Security performance.
TRU Compliance has met the requirements of the applicable provisions of AC370, IAS Accreditation Criteria for Product Certification Agencies , has demonstrated compliance with ISO/IEC Standard 17065:2012, Conformity assessment - Requirements for bodies certifying products, process and services.
"This is a significant milestone for Structural Integrity and our certification agency, TRU Compliance," Chris Larsen, Vice President of Critical Structures at Structural Integrity comments. "The accreditation further validates our robust program as well as our comprehensive approach which not only meets the stringent guidelines of the ISO standards, but offers our customers a full cycle solution for product certification." Effective March 17, 2019, this accreditation confirms that TRU Compliance conforms to ISO/IEC 17065:2012, the standard governing product certification bodies worldwide.
TRU Compliance is contracted by domestic and international manufacturers whose products and equipment are required to achieve high performance during and after earthquakes, high wind events, terrorist attacks, and accidental explosions. "This accreditation is critically important for our clients," says TRU Compliance Director Andy Coughlin, "It sets the TRU Compliance certification on a higher plane and paves the way for unified acceptance across hundreds of jurisdictions." The certification process involves subjecting products to activities such as seismic shake table runs, cyclic load tests, simulated wind events, blast testing, vehicle ramming, and engineering analysis simulating these extreme environments in accordance with recognized standards. "Our process is rigorous by design.  The products we certify have independent and verifiable performance during extreme events, meaning you can depend on them to perform when they are most needed," mentions Coughlin.

TRU Compliance's clients are worldwide leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of electrical, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, power production, medical diagnostic and treatment, life safety, water treatment, building facade, and perimeter security products. Products achieving the rigorous TRU Compliance standard bear the TRU Compliance logo and achieve a certification listing on Once listed, surveillance and sampling confirm ongoing production continues to produce products meeting compliance requirements. Building departments across the United States and Canada rely on TRU certification for essential facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, emergency operations centers, power production and distribution centers, and mission critical military facilities.

TRU Compliance's IAS certificate, PCA-135, is attached. Companies currently accredited by IAS are listed at