Icynene-Lapolla, the global supplier and manufacturer of high performance, energy efficient building envelope solutions, today announced it’s all new Icynene OC No-Mix insulation. An open-cell spray foam solution for both homes and commercial structures, the high-performance material is notable for providing enhanced energy efficiency, long-tern energy cost savings and an easy no-mix application. Icynene OC No-Mix will be introduced this week at Sprayfoam Show 2019 in the Icynene-Lapolla booth #603.

Icynene OC No-Mix is ideal for application in critical insulation areas within the structure including: cavity walls, crawl spaces and attics (both vented and unvented) as well as floor, ceiling and interior roof assemblies. The professionally-installed spray applied material seals the structure, providing a continuous air barrier, offering exceptional performance in the reduction of heat transfer. The product also significantly reduces unmanaged moisture. These performance characteristics enhance indoor comfort and air quality, maintain temperatures, and greatly reduce heating and cooling demands as well as the costs associated with them. The insulation offers the added benefit of noise attenuation.

“The energy savings and application ease of Icynene OC No-Mix provide attractive advantages to both the contractor and the property owner,” said Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Icynene-Lapolla. “As the first no-mix spray foam solution to join the Icynene product line, we believe demand for this insulation will be high for use in new and retrofit home and commercial applications.”

Icynene OC No-Mix is ideal for use across climate zones and may be spray-applied in a wide range of temperatures. During application the insulation solution requires no mixing, providing additional ease to contractors, saving time and costs associated with installation. The insulation firmly adheres to framing members and substrates and can be used to fill stud wall construction. It has passed the AC 377 End Use Configuration Criteria meeting building code requirements for use with no additional ignition barrier required with limited-access attic and crawlspace applications and is approved in multiple fire rated constructions. Icynene OC No-Mix also meets Florida FBC 2017 building code energy requirements and complies with IBC, IRC, and IECC 2018, 2015 and 2012 requirements.

To learn more about Icynene OC No-Mix and Icynene-Lapolla’s complete building envelope solutions, visit www.icynene-lapolla.com