Carlisle Companies Incorporated, a global leader in commercial and industrial building envelope products through its Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) operating segment, is pleased to announce the creation of a new business unit: Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation.

In November 2017, Carlisle Companies acquired Accella Performance Materials, the premier specialty polyurethane platform. At that time, Accella’s portfolio of spray foam brands included three well-known spray foam competitors: Premium Spray Products, QuadFoam, and BaySeal. The Carlisle and Accella teams conducted interviews to determine if a total rebrand would help to clarify and define the overall spray foam brand.

To that end, Accella Polyurethane Systems’ spray foam business unit is being rebranded as Carlisle Spray Foam Insulation (CSFI). Additionally, products previously designed and marketed by Accella (BaySeal, Foamsulate, and QuadFoam) will be consolidated under CSFI’s new SealTite family of products. These changes are intended to help reduce market confusion, simplify product identification and selection, and communicate to customers that they can feel confident in choosing CSFI’s SealTite products.

Al Restaino, Vice President of Marketing for Accella’s portfolio of businesses says, “We looked at either rebranding to Carlisle or consolidating products into something new. Not surprising there were many opinions on the strategy. We started the brand strategy process in May of 2018 leveraging a high profile outside agency and conducting more than 600 interviews including contractors, distribution, architects, and consumers. The results were overwhelmingly positive that we should simplify our message of who we are and leverage the Carlisle name. The brand strategy being unveiled during the SPFA show in Daytona Beach is the result of those interviews and leverages the enormous value and impact our customers have on the positioning of the brand strategy.”

Mike McAuley, Carlisle Construction Materials’ Executive Vice President of Diversified Products and General Manager of Accella, says, “This new branding platform will help differentiate our company and our products and will improve the customer experience. The journey will take some time, but will ultimately provide needed leadership for the industry.”

Moody Ozier, the Marketing Director for Accella’s spray foam business unit says, “We are especially excited to offer the most comprehensive, complete product portfolio under the SealTite name as we sunset our other legacy brands.”