M. Grisafe Architects, an architecture firm located in Long Beach, California, announced that they have moved their office from a home office location to a larger commercial building nearby. With a growing staff and client load, M. Grisafe Architects needed more space in which they could conduct everyday business activities, as well as a dedicated space to meet with clients and potential clients uninterrupted. The firm is now sharing office space with Overland, Pacific & Cutler (OPC), a right of way and real estate services company with headquarters in Long Beach.


New Space

M. Grisafe Architects is occupying a portion of the OPC offices that was previously going unused, including a dedicated office space and several cubicles. By sharing the space, the architecture firm also gains access to the building's conference room, the break room, as well as a receptionist.


Mark Grisafe, owner and architect at M. Grisafe architects, had this to say about their new space, "It was definitely the right time for our firm to make this move. The home office space we had been working out of was never intended to be a long-term solution, and with our growing staff, we just needed more room."


A Great Move

Grisafe continued, "This new space definitely allows us to make a great first impression on our clients who come to us for meetings. It has all of the sophistication that you would expect from an established Long Beach architecture firm. It also comes with many other benefits for both our clients and our staff. By having a dedicated conference room, we can conduct uninterrupted meetings with our clients, and by working in an office that's not connected to my family's home, my staff has more flexibility to come in early or stay late, without having to worry about disrupting my family's schedule. Overall, it has been a great move for our company and should accommodate our needs for many years to come."


The new office has an industrial look and feel, with exposed ductwork and structural components. It is located at 3750 Schaufele Ave., Long Beach, California 90808, only a few miles away from the Long Beach architecture firm's previous home office space.