Icynene introduced Icynene ProSeal HFO, a high performance, low GWP closed cell spray polyurethane foam. Icynene ProSeal HFO provides best-in-class energy efficiency performance and is ideal for application across all climate zones. The first Icynene spray foam insulation to incorporate an HFO blowing agent, Icynene ProSeal HFO reveals a strategic move by the Icynene brand toward increasingly sustainable insulation solutions.
Icynene ProSeal HFO is a high density, two-pound spray foam solution ideal for use in both residential and commercial structures, as well as in new and retrofit construction. A spray-applied material, Icynene ProSeal HFO fully adheres in place to most substrates. The durable insulation effectively seals the building envelope, acting as a comprehensive air, moisture and thermal barrier, reducing the need to specify numerous additional products. Icynene ProSeal HFO’s ability to seal the building envelope dramatically reduces heating and cooling energy demands and can contribute towards up to 40 percent in energy savings over the life of the structure.
“Icynene ProSeal HFO is an outstanding addition to the Icynene product line,” said Mark Sarvary, CEO of Icynene-Lapolla. “It provides excellent energy efficiency and gives our contractor, builder and architect customers an insulation solution that is both sensitive to the environment and unparalleled in performance.”
The product includes formulations suitable for use across all climate zones and temperatures, allowing contractors to continue working throughout the year without delays due to seasonal temperature fluctuations.
Icynene ProSeal HFO integrates Honeywell’s Solstice, which, as an HFO option, is recognized as a next generation blowing agent and innovation ensuring key Earth and climate protections. Among Icynene ProSeal HFO’s benefits, in addition to exceptional product performance, is a dramatic reduction in global warming potential.
Icynene ProSeal HFO meets the requirements set forth by FEMA for flood resilient building materials, making it suitable for use in hurricane and flood-prone regions. The material also meets and exceeds all current building codes.
Additional product benefits include the reduction of hot and cold spots and providing consistent comfort throughout the building. As a moisture barrier, Icynene ProSeal HFO reduces the risk of mold and mildew, and adds to the structural integrity of the structure.