Aero-Therm the innovative company that makes the unique Aero-Therm Exterior was selected as a winner in the Best of the IBS (International Builders Show) Awards category organized by the National Home Builders Association (NHBA). Aero-Therm emerged the winner of the award in the 75th anniversary of the NHBA show, beating other nominees to the award, thanks to the uniqueness and effectiveness of the innovation.

The International Builders Show ranks as one America’s most recognized gathering of builders, with more 1400 companies exhibiting their products in an area of more than 570,000 square-feet. With a panel of judges made up of leaders from the industry and a category featuring some of the best innovations in the building and construction sector in a long time, Aero-Therm emerging as a winner of the award is a feat worth celebrating.

European test results have shown great gains in thermal comfort, and results as high as 26 to 36 percent energy savings with the application of 1mm of Aero-Therm on perimeter surfaces of test houses. So, It was not surprising that Aero-Therm was a winner of one of the Best of the Show Awards.

Aero-Therm is changing the design and construction industry with the introduction of innovative and effective solutions and the nomination of its insulating coatings and its eventual winning of the award is a signal of great things to come from the company.

Created in Europe as a unique insulation solution designed for aging European buildings, Aero-Therm’s uniqueness and effectiveness is recognized by leaders in the Design and construction industry.

Aero-Therm created its ground-breaking products by using state of the art insulating materials aerogel and micron-sized glass bubbles filled with gas from the 3M company. Products include Aero-Therm Interior for Northern colder climates, Aero-Therm Exterior for Southern warmer climates, Aero-Therm Tile Adhesive for Northern climates, Aero-Therm Industry for commercial use, and Aero-therm Floor for sub-floor heating systems in Northern climates.

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