Liquid-applied roofing shall comply with ASTM C 836, ASTM C 957, ASTM D 1227 or ASTM D 3468, ASTM D 6083, ASTM D 6694 or ASTM D 6947.



This code implies that all liquid-applied roof systems must be in compliance with the listed ASTM standards. The ASTM tests indicated provide the required properties and test methods of cold liquid-applied elastomeric membranes—one or two component materials—for use on waterproofing applications subjected to hydrostatic pressure in occupied buildings, vehicle traffic or equipment storage.


ASTM C 957 is the test standard for cold liquid-applied elastomeric membranes in waterproofing conditions not subjected to hydrostatic pressure. This standard applies in instances where a wear surface will be applied over the membrane. It does not include requirements for skid resistance or fire resistance.

ASTM D 1227 is the test standard for the application of cold liquid-applied elastomeric membranes over existing Built-up Roof Systems and other existing roof systems and materials.

ASTM D 3468 is the test standard for liquid-applied neoprene and CSPE synthetic rubber solutions suitable for use in roofing and waterproofing.

ASTM D 6694 is the test standard for liquid-applied silicone coatings used over existing spray-on polyurethane foam (SPUF) roofs.