Arisfor LLC, a leading provider of coatings and sealers for concrete, masonry, and other construction surfaces, will have applied samples of its advanced formulations on hand at World of Concrete 2018. Company representatives will showcase the benefits of Arisfor ToughDeck, Arisfor Multi-Surface Waterproofer, and new, decorative Arisfor Stencils on actual surfaces to provide attendees a firsthand evaluation of the attributes of each product.

Martin Doody, Director of Sales and Marketing for Arisfor, commented, “The Arisfor line is an integrated product system that blends durability, ease-of-application, and aesthetics into concrete and other surface areas. For property owners and managers, our products often represent an opportunity to restore, beautify and fortify, versus teardown and replace.”

The Company recently introduced Arisfor Stencils, a solution that adds character, depth and visual dimension to a variety of exterior surfaces. They can be used for horizontal surfaces such as patios, walkways, pool decks, driveways, and steps, as well as vertical surfaces, including walls, perimeter walls, signs, building exteriors, and balcony platforms. Stencil templates are used to create visually aesthetic patterns in vertical and hori¬zontal cementitious overlay systems.

Currently, Arisfor offers 18 distinct design templates. “Like all Arisfor products, our Stencils have been designed to benefit both property owners and contractors,” Doody noted. “The stencils are easy to arrange and apply, and can be applied by a single person, reducing project time for the contractor, and expense for the property owner. Plus, they add character and aesthetic value, creating a new visual dimension to an otherwise ordinary surface.”

Earlier this year, Arisfor introduced a next-generation Multi-Surface Waterproofer (MSW). Using leading edge nanotechnology, the new Arisfor MSW forms a moisture barrier that integrates with the surface material, providing superior protection against the damaging effects of water intrusion, acids, and deicing salts. Arisfor MSW is designed to prevent corrosion, spalling and cracks for new or untreated concrete construction, masonry and precast applications.

The product is equally suited to residential and commercial use for facades, parking lots and decks, driveways and curbs, loading docks and ramps, and concrete sidewalks and stairs. The new formulation features numerous enhancements that benefit both property owners and contractors, including: one-and-done application, simple preparation, fast-cure rate, unchanged surface coefficient of friction, easy maintenance, and longer lasting. “All of these attributes add up to both short- and long-term savings,” Doody noted.

A proven performer in the Arisfor product family, ToughDeck is a three-component polymerized cementitious protective coating that can be applied to a variety of horizontal interior and exterior concrete surfaces as well as wood, metal, and tile. ToughDeck has superior adhesive properties and is extremely durable, even when subjected to forklift and heavy vehicle traffic. This unique coating is abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant and water-resistant, while allowing for transmission of moisture vapor from within the substrate.

ToughDeck provides a long-lasting slip-resistant surface in any temperature or climate. With no primer needed, ToughDeck also reduces steps and associated costs to project completion. It is also quick drying; the surface area can be utilized on the same day of application. ToughDeck is available in multiple color options and finishes.

Arisfor will provide interactive samples of its advanced coating and sealer technologies designed to restore, protect and beautify surfaces at World of Concrete 2018, January 23-26, Las Vegas Convention Center, South hall Booth S-11706.