ARCHITECTURAL ALUMINUM IN THE 21st CENTURY: Design & Preservation of Contemporary & Historic Architecture – an intensive conference to be held on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, Mass. on March 24-25, 2018 (with an optional program on Mon., March 26) – will explore technical and practical issues involved in keeping new and existing aluminum facades, windows/other building components, structural elements, and artistic works in good condition and will probe the cost-benefits of procedures for preserving and protecting these building envelopes, components, bridges, ornamentation, and sculpture. The conference also will look at several innovative uses of aluminum/aluminum alloys in the design of new structures.  

Organized by Technology & Conservation, the MIT Museum, and the Boston Society of Architects' Historic Resources Committee, this important symposium will feature informative, stimulation presentations by over 35 renowned architects, engineers, conservators, designers, scientists, and aluminum industry leaders on the use of aluminum in the construction and care of structures in the built environment and in the fabrication and conservation of works of art.

Topics will include:

  • Structural, mechanical, corrosion-resistance, fire-resistance, and other properties of aluminum and its alloys and how these affect performance and durability
  • New developments in fabrication and finishes
  • Case histories on the restoration/preservation of iconic aluminum buildings, including Alcoa's headquarters building and the USAF Academy's Cadet Chapel
  • Case histories detailing innovative design of several modern aluminum structures - in Europe,  the UK, Asia, the Middle East, and America
  • and much more.

Continuing education credits will be available.

The conference schedule, registration form, and other information is available on the website of the Boston Society of Architects' Historic Resources Committee: