The Alliance for National & Community Resilience (ANCR) and Dow Building & Construction (DB&C), a business group of The Dow Chemical Company announced that Amy Schmidt, advocacy manager with Dow Building & Construction, has joined with the International Code Council, Target Corporation and other key stakeholders in an appointment to the ANCR Board of Directors.

ANCR (pronounced “anchor”) is a coalition aimed at improving resiliency and implementing good community practices in towns and cities across the United States, helping cities prevent infrastructure failure caused by natural and other disasters, thereby avoiding negative social, economic and welfare repercussions caused by such damages. ANCR’s primary objective is the development of a system of community benchmarks – the first system of its kind in the United States – that will allow local leaders to easily assess and improve their resilience across all functions of a community.
Schmidt’s appointment to the Board of Directors is a continuation of Dow’s and ANCR’s goal of creating policy that improves the lives of individuals in communities. As a newly appointed board member, Schmidt will work directly with ANCR and use her expertise in construction, government affairs, chemistry and design to establish benchmarks that will be used by resilient communities to prevent infrastructure failure following natural and manmade adverse events.
“We are thrilled and honored to work alongside the International Code Council in their commitment to organize a nationwide coalition to establish the country's very first whole community metric for resilience,” says Greg Bergtold, advocacy director for DB&C. “We see great value in contributing both monetary and human resources, like Amy, to seed this coalition's success.”
Schmidt joins ANCR’s founding Board members who include resilience policy experts and public officials from the city of New York and the District of Columbia among others.
“Amy Schmidt is an active and valued member of our Corporate Advisory Council, and we’re excited to welcome her to the Board of Directors,” said Maj. General (Ret.) Warren C. Edwards, board chairman for ANCR. “Dow’s generous sponsorship and sustainability expertise are absolutely critical to achieving our goal of supporting and educating communities across the United States.”
Dow and ANCR welcome others who are interested in lending their unique experience, resources and expertise to the work of analyzing community needs and developing practical benchmarks to aid in the creation of robust communities that thrive in both good and bad circumstances.