Lapolla Industries Inc. introduced its all-new FOAM-LOK 400 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation. An open-cell solution for homes and commercial structures, the high-performance material is notable for providing ultra-high yield and enhanced energy efficiency, passing benefits to builders, contractors and inhabitants. Lapolla’s FOAM-LOK 400 and FOAM-LOK 500, another recently introduced open-cell insulation, have both been approved for use in the construction of Meritage Home’s new communities nationwide and will be on display at PCBC in Lapolla Industries’ booth #940.
FOAM-LOK 400 is a great insulation for use in attics, cavity walls and other critical insulation areas. The professionally-installed spray applied material seals the structure, providing a continuous air barrier, offering exceptional performance in the reduction of heat transfer. These performance characteristics work to maintain indoor comfort and temperature, greatly reducing heating and cooling demands and the ongoing costs associated with them.
The exceptional yield achieved with FOAM-LOK 400 is meaningful in that it passes cost savings to builders, contractors and consumers.  Additionally, Lapolla believes that the material outperforms fiberglass and blown-in insulation options and comes close to being cost competitive with traditional insulations, while potentially offering a return on investment.
“The noteworthy yield, energy efficiency and cost advantages of FOAM-LOK 400 are significant attractions for both builders and contractors,” said Doug Kramer, president and CEO of Lapolla Industries. “With FOAM-LOK 400’s potential to surpass the performance of competing products at a competitive price, we believe demand for this insulation will be high for use in new and retrofit home and commercial applications.”
FOAM-LOK 400, like the recently introduced FOAM-LOK 500, firmly adheres to framing members and substrates and can be used to fill stud wall construction in a single application. Additionally, it has also passed the AC 377 End Use Configuration Criteria and meets building code requirements for use with no additional ignition barrier required.
Both FOAM-LOK 400 and FOAM-LOK 500 have now been approved by leading national builder Meritage Homes for use in the construction of its new homes. Meritage Homes is an active builder in key U.S. markets including Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas.
“Meritage Homes is widely recognized as a sustainability ambassador, leading the industry in cutting edge and eco-friendly building practices” added Kramer. “This endorsement of our two new insulation products is a coup for us as it reinforces our corporate mission of delivering quality building products that enhance energy conservation and sustainability in the envelope.”
Additional benefits of FOAM-LOK 400 and FOAM-LOK 500 include noise attenuation and significant reduction in unmanaged moisture. Each insulation option also benefits contractors with no mixing requirements.
Lapolla Industries will showcase the FOAM-LOK 400 and FOAM-LOK 500 open cell insulation products at the upcoming PCBC event on June 28 and 29 in the company’s booth #940 in the exhibit hall.