Name: Sperry & Rice Manufacturing
Location: Killbuck, Ohio

In 1983, Sperry and Rice installed a FiberTite roof, manufactured by Seaman Corporation. Located in Killbuck, Ohio Sperry and Rice manufactures extruded rubber and sponge rubber; specializing in solutions to profile extrusions and hose for the appliance, automotive, construction, and truck industries. The building houses state-of-the-art extrusion and molding equipment, as well as in-house mixing and lab areas.

After 30+ years, this FiberTite roof is still in service and performing very well. It protects this facility from extreme weather conditions and continues to be virtually maintenance free. Tim Morris, Plant Manager for Sperry and Rice, appreciates that the roof is hands off and does the job. He observes no stains on the roof from the exhaust valves. Morris concludes, "After 33 years of employment, I can say the roof is still intact and everything is doing great. It’s one less thing I have to worry about being Plant Manager at Sperry and Rice.”

Seaman Corporation, manufacturer of FiberTite Roofing Systems, has been a worldwide market leader of innovative, high performance coated fabrics since 1949. Using a unique, four layer technology providing puncture, UV, chemical, and ponding water resistance, FiberTite is the original Elvaloy KEE membrane with a 35+ year history of performance.

Seaman Corporation has manufacturing locations in Wooster, Ohio and Bristol, Tennessee.

In addition to FiberTite, Seaman Corporation also makes fabrics for more specialized markets, including military, dock seals, marine applications, pool covers, truck tarps, mower covers and others.