The Dow Chemical Company announced the expansion of its weatherization solutions to include LIQUIDARMOR LT Flashing and Sealant. The product emphasizes Dow’s commitment to providing solutions to address global challenges, builds on the Company’s current technology in the market, and highlights the complimentary expertise gained from the Dow Corning integration.

Dow’s award-winning LIQUIDARMOR Flashing and Sealant portfolio is used to treat board joints and wall penetrations during construction, reducing air leakage and moisture intrusion within commercial buildings. This step helps to increase energy performance and longevity of structures with potential reduction of carbon emissions, all of which contribute to improving sustainability performance. Expertise and product offerings like LIQUIDARMOR are the types of smart materials emphasized with Dow’s strategic membership to the Smart Cities Council and aligns with the Company’s commitment to addressing global challenges through its 2025 Sustainability Goals.

LIQUIDARMOR LT expands Dow’s current portfolio by enabling application during cold winter months in temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Contractors facing skilled labor shortages recognize the sealant as an effective solution for saving time on the jobsite as well, contributing to lower labor costs by reducing the steps needed to construct a commercial wall as when using conventional taping methods.

“Architects and contractors are choosing Dow’s high performing building envelope solutions to construct schools, hospitals and office buildings to be more energy-efficient, comfortable and healthier for the long-term,” said Tim Lacey, global business director of Dow Building Solutions. “The expansion of the LIQUIDARMOR portfolio demonstrates Dow’s continued commitment to delivering innovative, industry-leading construction solutions.”

This innovative product is a direct result of the Dow Corning transaction and acts a proof point for the hand-in-glove fit the Dow Corning’s silicon-based expertise, which is also providing complimentary, growth-enabling technology in the consumer care, packaging, and transportation markets in addition to building and construction. Looking forward, the integration will continue to provide Dow with the strategic opportunity to go narrower and deeper into these high-growth, high value sectors, providing sustainable solutions to address global challenges along the way.