TYPAR®, a leading provider of high-performance building wrap, construction tape, flashing and accessories, is adding a new Heavy-Duty Sealant to its portfolio, offering builders and contractors superior adhesion for doors, windows and seams.
TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant is an approved alternative for TYPAR Double-Sided Tape on seaming applications with TYPAR DrainableWrap™ and DrainableWrap™ Commercial. It was engineered for versatility, providing superior adhesion and ease of install in any type of project, including multifamily, commercial and residential applications. Additionally, when installed as part of the complete TYPAR Weather Protection System, TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant is covered by TYPAR’s industry-leading lifetime limited warranty.
 “Our weather protection products are synonymous with durability and performance in both residential and commercial applications,” said Andrew Irvine, senior product manager, TYPAR. “Our new Heavy-Duty Sealant was designed to provide the same level of protection our building wraps and tapes are known for. More importantly, we formulated it to adhere tightly to—and be fully compatible with—all our wraps.”
 TYPAR Heavy-Duty Sealant’s modified urethane acrylic composition has several performance characteristics that make it an ideal solution for creating air- and water-tight building envelopes: 

  • Handles and spreads easily, with gunnability down to 40° F (4° C), so cold weather won’t impact project timelines.
  • Easy to tool for fast applications and neater joints.
  • Seals joints up to 2” with proper installation and joint design.
  • Fully cures within 48-72 hours, with 60 minutes tack-free time.
  • Paintable and stain-resistant.
  • Low VOC at less than 1.5%, meeting all 50 U.S. states’ VOC requirements.
  • Exceeds AAMA 808.3 and ASTM C920 standards.
  • Tensile strength >150 psi, as tested in accordance with ASTM D2370.

Every component of the TYPAR Weather Protection System, including flashings, tapes, weather-resistant barriers and, now, sealant, is engineered and tested for compatibility and performance against the elements. This allows the company to be fully committed to delivering products that provide the highest performance in defense against air and moisture intrusion. As a mark of that confidence, the TYPAR Weather Protection System comes with the industry’s best lifetime limited system and labor warranty for added peace of mind. For more information, visit www.typar.com.