Every Fall, RCI’s Building Envelope Technology Symposium hosts building envelope professionals, architects, engineers and building consultants from all different backgrounds of the design and construction industry. This year, the Symposium was held in Houston from October 17-18.

Altogether, building professionals got the chance to gain up to 12 RCI CEHs and 12 AIA LUs through the two-day educational programs that offered industry-leading and extremely relevant information regarding design, construction, maintenance and repair of modern and older building envelopes.

The programs gave the audience a chance to learn and connect with experts in their respected fields. And it was more than just the average technical data. Each presenter backs their presentation with examples, photos and step-by-step walkthroughs of the projects from start to finish.

Every year, it’s great to see the high level of participation in these sessions. The audience engages with the speakers, asks questions that matter and allow everyone to delve that much farther into these various applications and methods. Ninety-eight percent of attendees polled described RCI educational events as worthwhile and said they would happily attend future programs. Which is huge.

It is worth noting the age of the crowd. It’s no surprise that our industry has feared for its own growth due to the lack of interest from the younger generations. From the looks of the crowd at this RCI event, the industry seems to be growing and adding new, young professionals every year. Our industry seems to have more vitality than ever, and a lot of that is due to programs such as RCI’s Building Envelope Technology Symposium, which keeps bringing participates each year and keeps education interesting and enjoyable.

RCI, Inc. offers over 30 building envelope educational programs annually, for more information, or to register for the upcoming RCI’s 32nd International Convention & Trade Show from March 16-21, 2017 in Anaheim, Calif. visit http://rci-online.org/.

We hope to see you there!