Shive-Hattery, a national architecture and engineering firm, announced the completion of the rebranding of Design Organization (DO) of Valparaiso, Ind. and Chicago, Ill. under the Shive-Hattery brand umbrella. DO is an architecture and interior design firm it purchased in 2012. At that time an acquisition announcement was made and a temporary DO logo incorporating the name Shive-Hattery was created to leverage DO brand recognition in northwest Indiana and Chicago.

For more than three years, DO has been introducing clients to the Shive-Hattery name so an effective brand transition could occur without client and community concerns about changes in staff, service philosophy and local commitment. A unified brand will eliminate client confusion and strengthen joint marketing efforts with all Shive-Hattery offices.

“The goal of the change is to create a seamless experience for all clients, and to reinforce a unified brand and culture for all staff, said Jim Lee, president of Shive-Hattery.

Both companies have cultures that are rooted in developing and maintaining long-term client relationships. This client-centered culture of the two companies helped make a smooth transition for employees and clients.

“DO clients have been enjoying the same quality as always for nearly four years,” said Spero Valavanis, vice president and office director for the Chicago and Valparaiso design offices. “They have been able to access and benefit from of our breadth of services, which allows them to only have to go to one firm for all their project needs.”

Shive-Hattery originally acquired DO to strengthen its design capabilities in the higher education, healthcare, and workplace markets. The full rebrand under Shive-Hattery continues the firm’s strong history of growth and commitment to collaboration, innovation and elevation of thinking to meet client expectations.

Shive-Hattery is a 400-person architecture and engineering firm. Headquartered in Cedar Rapids with design offices located in Valparaiso, Indiana; Chicago, Bloomington, Downers Grove, and Moline, Illinois; Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and West Des Moines, Iowa.

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