Building owners looking to save a penny might choose to install low-cost roof shingles on their multi-family or light commercial building. However, a roof has to safeguard against damage from dangers such as hail, debris, high wind and even the ugly stains caused by algae. Because of this, the cheapest shingle may actually end up costing an owner more. Installing shingles that offer the best long-term value is one of the most efficient ways to protect investment property. More specifically, high-performing roofing shingles will shield an asset investment much better than conventional shingles.


High Performance Technology Available

Atlas Roofing proudly offers StormMaster shingles built with High Performance technology. These larger-sized shingles are designed to resist extreme weather damage, stay intact in the face of hurricane-force winds and continue to retain an impressive appearance for a long time. Those factors are very important for an investment to retain its value.

StormMaster shingles stand up to hail because they are manufactured with a rubberized styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) polymer. This technology creates a thicker, more durable, longer lasting shingle and allows them to provide the highest impact resistance available. UL 2218 is a national standard rating system for impact resistance created by Underwriter’s Laboratory. This system rates roofing shingles from Class 1 through 4, with a Class 4 rating indicating the highest level of impact resistance. StormMaster shingles are receives the Class 4 rated.


Importance Of Algae Resistance

Appearance is an important factor to successfully attract tenants and customers. Black streaks on a roof are usually the result of algae growth and they make a building appear dirty and old. Installing shingles with an algae resistance capability can preserve the curb appeal of a light commercial or multi-family building.

Copper resists algae, and Atlas StormMaster shingles with Scotchgard Protector are manufactured with copper-fortified granules spread evenly across their surface. These shingles provide maximum algae resistance and can help a roof retain its color for many years.


Protection Can Be Eye-Catching

Due to their larger size, StormMaster shingles can give an investment property a more impressive appearance when compared to lower-cost shingles. However, they offer much more than just a stunning look as theyalso provide outstanding resistance against wind and wind-driven rain. Loss of shingles due to high wind velocity could lead to water intrusion, perhaps the worst nightmare for the owner of an asset structure.Assurance is ensured because StormMaster shingles come with a Limited Wind Warranty that protects a roof up to 130 mph.

For more information on these roofing shingles for light-commercial and multi-family use, check out the full line of StormMaster shingles.