National Nail has announced the expansion of their STINGER line of roofing products. The STINGER brand, a long-time leader in cap fastening technologies for best practice installation of roofing underlayments and housewrap, now offers three ICC certified synthetic underlayments - EXO50, EXO35, and EXO25 - to meet the building and warranty requirements of installers and homeowners. All products are made in the United States and will be available for delivery after March 1, 2016­­.

“National Nail has innovated fastening solutions for the roofing industry for over four decades,” said W. Scott Baker, President and CEO of National Nail. “The STINGER brand of products is focused on providing systems that help solve moisture problems that concern the building industry. With STINGER EXO, we now offer a complete underlayment system where STINGER fasteners and underlayment work together to help mitigate moisture in the attic.”

STINGER EXO Synthetic Underlayments are UV resistant and can be exposed for up to 6 months. The synthetic woven fabrics offer high tear strength, and proprietary non-skid additives provide better roof deck contact for high slip resistance. Each roll is lightweight, and with 10 squares per roll, fewer rolls need to be carried to the roof.  In addition, pre-printed nailing patterns and overlap lines speed installation.

“The addition of a high-quality underlayment under the STINGER brand is consistent with our commitment to the requirements of the roofing channel,” said Roger Szotko, STINGER Product Manager. “STINGER EXO roofing underlayments, cap fastening systems, coil roofing nails, and hand drive roofing nails make it easy for the roofing wholesaler or independent dealer to offer a complete line for their roofing customers.”

STINGER cap fasteners (StaplePac and NailPac) and STINGER cap hammers, cap staplers, and cap nailers are recommended for installing all STINGER EXO products.

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