Vibe Credit Union in Sterling Heights, Mich. is not your average financial institution—from the outside in, your experience will be unique. Formed in 1936 by 10 employees of the Detroit Division of the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, this not-for-profit, member-run credit union now has over 32,000 members and is $462 million strong in assets.

Vibe not only wants your banking experience to be exceptional, but they also want their banks to look exceptional. Taking on this challenge was architect, Zimmerman Design, in Plymouth, Mich. and general contractor, Ronnish Construction, in Royal Oak, Mich. Knowing Vibe’s corporate identification is a significant part of their business’ culture, they knew the design of the building had to be as well.

Metro Lakes Construction of West Bloomfield, Mich., installed over 6,000 square-feet of Metallic Champagne, Slate Grey and custom green Omega-Lite AMC panels using Laminators’ popular Dry Seal installation system. Finding green panels to complement Vibe’s prominent bright green logo was no easy task—the custom green accent panels, as well as shorter lead times and overall lower panel and fabrication costs, were a contributing factor in choosing Laminators’ Omega-Lite over other competing ACM panels.

Laminators’ ability to combine precise shop fabricated modules along with flat Omega-Lite ACM for on-site flexibility of forming modules as needed was a key factor as some wall substrates were not yet in place when the panel installer ran their original cut list.

The Dry Seal installation system features a "deep reveal" look without caulk at the joints, creating a high-performance, pressure-equalized wall system that compartmentalizes the air cavity and allows for drainage and ventilation. This system reduces moisture-related issues within the wall cavity, perfect for Michigan’s rainy and snowy weather.

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