BASF introduces Neopor Plus— a construction grade, graphite enhanced polystyrene (GPS) rigid foam insulation — to the North American market. This next-generation product builds upon the Neopor brand, and delivers the highest true R-value performance of R-5 per inch.

“Our customers and the builders, architects and contractors they supply can now benefit from the performance of Neopor Plus GPS rigid foam insulation, growing their businesses as a result,” said Luis Espada, Business Manager, Neopor Insulation North America. “Customers have realized greater energy and cost efficiencies, and can expand their offerings with this latest insulation technology.”

Neopor Plus benefits include:

  • Uses approximately 30 percent less material than other rigid foam insulation to achieve the same R-value
  • 1 percent maximum water absorption by volume
  • Incorporates a new polymeric flame retardant (PolyFR)
  • Earned GREENBGUARD Gold Certification
  • Contributes points towards builder’s LEED certification

“Neopor Plus demonstrates our commitment to introducing eco-efficient and sustainable thermal insulation products to the North American construction sector, after successful market development in Europe and Asia,” said Giorgio Greening, Senior Vice President of BASF's global business unit for Styrenic Foams. “This next-generation product reflects the tremendous resources and culture of innovation that have long been BASF hallmarks.”

Neopor Plus is available exclusively through the Neopor North America Insulation Distribution Network