The VMZ Double lock standing seam system used on roofing applications enables long strips of VMZINC to be assembled by forming single or double folds on the up-stands.

A traditional technique applied to roofs. This technique can be machine or hand produced. It reflects the individual architect’s concerns for lines and shadows, producing designs that have a historical perspective.

The low height of the seams 1-inch and 1 1/2-inch contributes to the lightness and regularity of the roofing in its architectural function, particularly when used on more complex shapes, giving them a distinctive “high-tech” appearance.

Due to the use of profiling and seaming machines for closing the longitudinal standing seam joints, the installation time is greatly reduced, making this a cost-effective solution, particularly for very large roof surfaces.

 This technique utilizes less metal in comparison with the batten (roll cap) method.