Móz Designs enhances its Gradients Collection of decorative metal surfacing with new ombré color tones and unique textural grains. The Collection now features nine ombré color spectrums that range from light to dark, and a choice of nine textured grains that add visual interest and dimension to the iridescent surfaces.  

Gradients is designed for use in interior and exterior applications, such as walls, columns, ceilings, canopies, room dividers, elevators and other architectural applications.

The Collection is available in 4 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 10 feet aluminum or corrugated aluminum panels with thicknesses ranging from .040 to .125-inch. The sheets can be installed vertically or horizontally, and custom colorways are also offered.

Gradients is fabricated from recycled aluminum, contributing to LEED 2.0 MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content, and is recyclable when its product life is ended.

Offering a new, creative approach to interior surfacing, Gradients is a sophisticated solution for corporate, retail, entertainment, hospitality and institutional projects. The combinations of colorways and grain patterns make the design possibilities nearly limitless.

Gradients is manufactured from solid core aluminum with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at the Móz facility in Oakland, CA, where all products are designed, sourced and fabricated. A range of durable finishes is also available for minimal maintenance.

For more information, visit www.mozdesigns.com.