Décor is the ideal choice for new or existing buildings that call for the appearance of a metal roof, yet require maximum watertight performance. Décor Roof Systems deliver the aesthetics of metal roofs, but watertight integrity of hot-air welded thermoplastic membrane.

With design flexibility to express your creativity, regardless of roof slope, shape, or complexity, the roof system performance is proven to span forty, high quality, years.

Décor Roof Systems provide the look of metal roofs with a standing-seam Décor Profile rib. The life cycle is low, and costs are driven by minimal maintenance requirements and exceptional system longevity.

Décor Profiles have the same product formulation as the Sarnafil membrane, ensuring that colors match, both initially and over time. The ribs come in ten-foot sections that are connected on the roof and permanently fused to the Sarnafil membrane using the Sika Sarnafil Sarnamatic hot-air welder. The Sarnamatic is designed specifically to weld Sarnafil membranes and includes patented kits for Décor Profile installation.

Décor is available in seven standard colors and almost any custom color to match your design needs.