Architects, specifiers, contractors, or any professional who needs quick access to building product information from Kingspan Insulated Panels North America, can have that access at their fingertips. Kingspan WikiSTIK works as easy as a flash drive, with no special installation required, eliminating the need for the tedious updating and distribution of manufacturer notebooks.

The product is available as either a thumb drive as well as an App at the App Store. WikiSTIK Mobile gives building professionals fast access to comprehensive and up-to-date product literature, as well as convenient links to other web-based technologies and tools. This includes all product marketing and technical materials, manuals, images, brochures, video, case studies, and web resources.

Never Out-Of-Date

All members of the build team need professional tools that provide accurate product information and technical data in order to streamline their workflow. In the past, manufacturers provided this information in the form of massive technical binders or, in the more recent past, on CDs or DVDs.

With the help of the product, design professionals no longer need to navigate through dozens of manufacturer Web sites to retrieve critical information. There are no drill-downs, no searching, no frustration, and no need to store or waste paper with this product.

Comprehensive in scope, it contains detailed product information for all of Kingspan’s product lines, including BENCHMARK by Kingspan, Insulated Roof and Wall Panels, Hercules doors, Cold Storage roofs and walls, and other specialty products.

Kingspan WikiSTIK Mobile users can even get fast access to up-to-date product literature as well as links to other web-based technologies and tools. It is the fastest way to view and download product literature including LEED information sheets, data sheets, technical bulletins, images and video, and even live-search documents across product categories.

Comprehensive, Yet Comprehensible

The product always provides clean, easy to understand navigational interfaces so design professionals spend as little time as necessary looking for the information they need. There will never be a question of how to get product information. In fact, the only question will be “What are we going to do with the room that used to house our architectural library?”

It is a unique solution to a problem that existed for many manufacturing industries. They were challenged to find a way to keep all their literature and technical information up to date and easily accessible in the field. It was very difficult to keep technical binders, DVDs or CD-ROMs up to date, but the WikiSTIK is always current, extremely portable, and operates on all platforms. It achieves this timeliness through syncing technology. Product information is managed through a secure online control panel. Designers simply sync to receive the most updated information and see immediately brochures, specifications, data sheets, MSDS sheets, installation guides, and promotional presentations.

Kingspan WikiSTIK Stands on All Platforms

It can be used on as many computers as you needed and on Mac or PC. The system requirements for the product are Windows XP, Vista or higher and for Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. A monitor resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels or higher, and high speed Internet access of 768k DSL or higher is recommended. The computer must have a USB 2.0 Port and Adobe Reader or similar program for viewing PDF documents.

Your work is safe. It will not update your customized specifications. It only updates the original Kingspan specifications. Upon completing a sync however, you will be presented with a list of updated files. You should save this ‘log’ file to determine if any of your customized specification documents require updates.

Contact a Kingspan representative to get your Kingspan WikiSTIK flash drive or click here to take an online tour with information on Kingspan WikiSTIK Mobile.