As an architect, specifier or contractor you are sure to be familiar with the saying, “Time is money.” As you bounce from one job to the next, even the smallest delays can become costly mistakes. Taking this into account, Kingspan Insulated Panels sought out a way to help you save some much-valued time with the introduction of Kingspan WikiSTIK Mobile. Available on iTunes, the WikiSTIK mobile app conveniently provides you with access to all of your Kingspan Panels’product information on the go.

What Exactly Is The Kingspan WikiSTIK?

The Kingspan WikiSTIK app is all-encompassing, as it is loaded with Kingspan Insulated Panels’entire catalog of web-based technologies, tools and product literature. Always up-to-date, the app eliminates the need for bulky binders. Instead, pull out your iPhone or iPad and swipe through the product brochures, LEED information sheets, data sheets, case studies, specifications, technical bulletins or images and videos you need.

Simply put, it is the quickest way to access the latest information from Kingspan Insulated Panels — and the cloud-based connection ensures the files you need are always up to date.

What Are They Saying In The Field?

Not just another app with a cleaver name, the WikiSTIK mobile is architect, contractor, specifier and design professional approved. Kevin Franz, Business Development Manager and practicing architect, stated, “The WikiSTIK app is the best tool available to illustrate the performance, aesthetics and details of the Kingspan insulated panels. I provide illustrations and details at the press of a key to engage the architect’s interest and in return provide responses to each of the questions they have about the product. Because this app is easily shared, I am able to provide this in-depth resource of knowledge for their use.”

Not only is the app easy to use, but it is also easy to share with your entire team. This will help open up the flow of communication and minimize mistakes between the architect, contractor, specifier and sub-contractor.

How Do I Download It Today?

Simplify your business today with the help of the Kingspan WikisSTIK mobile app. All you need is an iPhone or iPad with iOS 7 and a data or Wi-Fi connection. Download the app from iTunes and you will be up and running in minutes. It is the ultimate way to keep all your valuable Kingspan product information in one place, and best of all, it is absolutely FREE.