Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated—a leading provider of performance roof and wall products to the residential and commercial construction markets—has streamlined the specification of complete wall protection solutions. The series of product-based systems were developed to maximize moisture management when considering factors like geographical location, budget, and cladding selection.

“When addressing moisture management solutions, it’s important to recognize and accept that water will get into the building,” said Tara Murray, marketing manager for Benjamin Obdyke.

“No matter how tightly a building is constructed, how well it’s insulated or what type of cladding is chosen and expertly installed, moisture will inevitably find a way inside. Ridding the wall assembly of water and water vapor before it can damage structural components is what moisture management is all about. With the different wall protection systems, we are making it possible for those who specify to make educated decisions on products and solutions.”

To alleviate the stress of product specification when considering moisture management in the wall assembly, Benjamin Obdyke has developed three different wall systems—Basic, Moderate and Maximum levels of protection. Each system considers the best product for the conditions based on geography, budget, and cladding concerns.

Some of the system highlights are:

Maximum—As part of the Maximum Protection system, products and solutions create a large drainage and drying gap behind the cladding. Suggested for use with claddings: wood, fiber cement, stone, and stucco. The Maximum Protection system is comprised of products from Benjamin Obdyke’s rainscreen family of products—Slicker HP, Slicker

MAX, Home Slicker plus Typar, and Slicker Classic—offering superior protection in areas where high levels of rainfall (40-inches or more annually) are common. The Maximum Protection system eliminates the potential for mold and rot in the exterior wall.

Moderate—Highlighted by the HydoGap Drainable Housewrap product, the Moderate

Protection system provides a small gap for drainage performance, reducing the potential for moisture damage in the exterior wall. Recommended for use with all types of cladding, the Moderate Protection system is ideal for those whose budgets can accommodate a small cost upgrade.

Basic—For more arid climates, the Basic system offers specifiers a durable water resistant barrier (WRB), with exceptional water holdout, tear strength, and UV exposure. The system’s component FlatWrap HP exceeds minimum code requirements for housewrap, but does not provide an additional gap for drainage behind the cladding.

Complete System Protection—An enhanced system warranty is available when used in conjunction with Benjamin Obdyke flashing products and accessories. 25 years for

Maximum, 15 years for Moderate, and 5 years for Basic. The limited system warranty covers product & labor up to $20,000 per dwelling

Accessories—The HydroFlash Self-Adhered Flashing, HydroCorner Sill Protector and Slicker Screen coordinate to help builders complete the wall protection systems correctly and maximize manufacturer warranties for all systems.

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