Color Brochure


 Because the imagination knows no limits, Metl-Span has introduced the new EnvolutionColor brochure, which presents the expanded palette of options available to architects and designers looking to create a lasting impression. The brochure features the standard and premium finishes, including the company’s expanded offering of textured, metallic and pearlescent colors. It also highlights specialty colors, including weathered metal, wood grain and a variety of faux print exterior finishes. To create a more vibrant atmosphere, Envolution is introducing Aurora, a new avant-garde pearlescent series. Aurora colors provide a distinctive prismatic appearance when viewed from different orientations in varying lighting conditions. This innovative and multi-colored system incorporates specialized mica flakes to create a vibrant iridescent look. Initial solar reflectivity, emissivity and solar reflectance are provided for all colors except the Woodgrain Metal Series and Aurora. For more information, visit www.envolution.comor