COSHOCTON, Ohio — MFM Building Products has announced an Underlayment Co-Branding Program to help customers gain better market visibility. Customers who have helped launch the program have seen increased brand awareness with contractors, builders, sub-contractors and the general public.

The MFM Co-Branding Program includes the company’s two lines of High Temperature Underlayments: MFM Wind & Water Seal and Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal. The program consists of a custom print die with the customer’s logo and contact information, customized Technical Data Sheet and special carton stickers. Since it is a Co-Branded Program, MFM carries the warranty and all product is shipped in MFM cartons.

MFM Wind & Water Seal and Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal are self-adhering, polymer film surface underlayments laminated to a high-temperature adhesive system rated to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Each is designed for use under most roofing systems, including metal roofing panels where high heat is generated. MFM Wind & Water Seal is 40 mils and Ultra HT is 45 mils thickness.

Tony Reis, MFM sales & marketing director, said, “There is a commitment needed from the customer, but does not include a premium on the product price. This is a great opportunity for the distributor to explore a new marketing vehicle with their customers. We have been pleased with the response so far.”

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