MFM Building ProductsMFM high temperature underlayment

MFM Building Products now offers a new high-temperature underlayment: Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™. This self-adhering, self-stick roofing underlayment is composed of a cool white, non-slip, cross-laminated, high-density polyethylene film laminated to a high-temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive system. It is extremely tough and durable, and offers a 90-day UV exposure rating. Ultra HT is engineered as a whole roof underlayment for use under asphalt shingle and metal roofing systems. Product rolls out smooth and lays flat while offering the contractor excellent foot traction. It comes with a split release liner for use in valleys, ridges, around chimneys and at eaves for protection against ice dams, wind-driven rain and water penetration. It aggressively adheres directly to the roof deck and self seals around roofing fasteners. Product meets ASTM D 1970 and Florida Building Code FL16562, and comes with a 10-Year Limited Warranty. For more information, visit