Atlas RoofingAtlas high-temperature underlayment

Atlas Roofing Corporation has unveiled WeatherMaster® Film SE, a new high-temperature underlayment that is especially suited for metal roof applications. This new underlayment is designed to give continuous protection, year after year, to the entire deck of a properly ventilated roof, and problem areas where water can collect or drainage is slow. It is ideal for critical transition areas where the roofline elevation changes, such as from a main roofline to a patio. Because the underlayment is highly flexible, it is easy to install in transition areas. It also provides a secondary layer of waterproofing to prevent damage from windblown rain and meets the ASTM D1970 standard for ice dam underlayment. This SBS modified, self-adhesive membrane underlayment creates a watertight barrier as it seals to the deck and also around nails. WeatherMaster Film SE has a silicone-treated, split-back, release film that was created for easier installation and handling. Its textured film surface offers better traction and skid resistance during installation. For more information, visit