Atlas RoofingAtlas high-temperature underlayment

 Atlas Roofing has introduced a new roof underlayment designed for tile, slate and metal roofing applications. According to the company, WeatherMaster® TU Ultra SE, a high-temperature, self-adhering underlayment, is the solution when quality and lifespan of a tile, slate, and metal roofing system is important. WeatherMaster TU Ultra SE Peel & Stick SBS Reinforced Underlayment is a self-adhesive tile roof underlayment produced with a blend of modified asphalt and woven polyester. Its polyester top surface bonds with all foam adhesives used in roof tile installation and will hold up well under stacked tiles without slippage or damage to the membrane surface. The underlayment was designed to give roofers excellent traction during installation of a tile, slate or metal roof system. Its hard polyester face offers solid traction and durability, and when this peel-and-stick underlayment is properly installed, no special adhesives, heat or equipment are necessary. The underlayment can withstand very high temperatures and has an exposure rating of 180 days. For more information, visit