TRA Snow and Sun

 TRA Snow and Sun has launched its new Gutter Bracket to support European-style, half-round gutters. Standard American gutters are half-rectangle or box shaped, but the European style, which is being used more often on American high-end homes and resort areas, is half-round. These half-round gutters require a half-round bracket attachment to mount the gutter to the fascia —standard, box-type gutter attachments will not work. Recently, contractors have had to order these gutter brackets from Europe, and they were disappointed by the expense of shipping, the limited colors offered and the high quantities that were required to buy. TRA responded with its new, half-round Gutter Bracket, which is available in copper or steel and can be powder-coated in 50 different colors. No minimum quantities are required, so contractors don’t have to purchase large quantities from overseas. For more information, visit