Furthering its commitment to environmental efficiency, Metal Sales has introduced a new photovoltaic (PV) panel program.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Furthering its commitment to environmental efficiency, Metal Sales has introduced a new photovoltaic (PV) panel program.

Metal Sales Solar Roofing Solutions has added Solar Flare (crystalline panels) and Solar Flex (thin film panels) to its already extensive sustainable product line, complementing a company-wide objective of attractive and functional building products.

Metal roofing proves to be an ideal match for photovoltaic systems because of its low maintenance and high energy efficiency. Most importantly, the two are well-suited in terms of life-cycle costing, as both materials are built to last. Other conventional roofing materials may last only a fraction of the time of a metal roof, requiring that any extra installations (like PV panels) be removed before repairing or re-roofing – resulting in an often very costly endeavor. With proper maintenance, a metal roof will last for many years to come, ensuring a sturdy platform for durable PV systems and long-term economic benefits.

Metal roof surfaces also facilitate penetration-free attachment of the system and its auxiliary components, leaving the roof protected. PV panels are attached to metal panel ribs with a multi-purpose clip, employing a tight compression-hold method. This reduces labor during installation and repair, and makes for a stronger total system. Solar roofs made in this fashion are unlikely to leak or be damaged in the spots that would otherwise be weakened by penetrating fasteners.

“Metal roofing is the perfect companion for PV systems, and we are excited to bring the two together for our customers,” said David Stermer, Director of Engineering for Metal Sales. “Solar energy systems can drastically improve efficiency in homes, businesses, hospitals, and even warehouses. With this program, we can now help our diverse customer base to be more environmentally friendly and economical, and we can trust our proven metal panels to uphold the systems.”

Solar Flare and Solar Flex can both be used on new or existing roofs, and each provides distinct advantages. Solar Flare is a rigid crystalline panel that provides high energy efficiency per area, and is mounted to standing seam panel ribs. Solar Flex, a flexible thin film with adhesive backing attaches to the flat pan of the roof panel. It has a low profile and handles shading and ambient light exceptionally well.

Additionally, the Metal Sales PV program offers three power options: MicroPower Kit, PowerChoice, and PowerPlus. These options are chosen based on customer need in terms of facility size and the amount of power generated. Metal Sales will work with customers to determine the appropriate tier for their projects. These systems provide all auxiliary components and support information, making installation as easy as possible.

Metal Sales Solar Roofing Solutions will provide another economically viable and environmentally friendly energy solution for Metal Sales’ customers. In addition to the inherent sustainability and economic benefits of pairing PV systems with metal roofing, customers will also be eligible for ENERGY STAR federal tax credits. Through December 31, 2016, customers will receive credits up to 30 percent of the cost for new or existing construction projects with no upper limit. Combined with tax credits available for metal roofing projects, consumers are vastly rewarded for environmental building efforts, making PV systems and metal roofing a wise choice for any new or retrofit project. For more information, visitwww.metalsales.us.com.