LATICRETE, a manufacturer of globally proven construction solutions for the building industry, is delivering enhanced reliability and greater simplicity to construction professionals with the introduction of LATICRETE® Primer Plus, an all-in-one primer solution. The latest innovation serves as a consolidation of the brand’s NXT® Primer, SUPERCAP® Primer Plus, and FRACTURE BAN® Primer products. 

Primer Plus is a premium, concentrated product that offers standout adhesion to help projects last for generations. Its formulation with nanoparticles penetrates deep into substrates to prevent the absorption of moisture from an underlayment. In doing so, Primer Plus enhances the performance of self-leveling underlayments and crack isolation peel-and-stick membranes. It is easy to use and can be applied with a broom, roller, or sprayer.

By consolidating multiple solutions into Primer Plus, LATICRETE is also simplifying the ordering experience and empowering professionals and DIYers to better focus on surface preparation, a critical ingredient for a successful project. For distributors, Primer Plus also means a more streamlined inventory. The product can be used on concrete, wood, gypsum, substrates, and more, offering unmatched versatility as a true multipurpose primer. 

“Put simply, Primer Plus offers versatility and value while also simplifying specification and preparation on a wide variety of projects,” said Elvis Torres, product manager of concrete & substrate preparation. “Those who relied on NXT Primer, SUPERCAP Primer Plus, and FRACTURE BAN Primer will find Primer Plus to offer the same stellar performance they expect from LATICRETE. The professionals know that preparation is an essential step in delivering on their promises. Primer Plus is part of the equation to ensure a beautiful result every time.”

Primer Plus is available in a one-gallon jug, a five-gallon pail, and a 264-gallon tote. By consolidating three products into one, LATICRETE is able to optimize packaging and reduce waste, a move that closely aligns with the brand’s sustainability aims. In fact, Primer Plus is sold in a sustainable one gallon package with 25% recycled content. This innovative solution is the latest in a storied legacy of enabling iconic designs, fostering brand trust, and offering the best installer experience. 

LATICRETE Primer Plus is available now.