Following the move into a new and energy efficient facility and investing in state-of-the-art equipment, Sheet Metal Supply (SMS) has recently flipped the switch to operating 100 percent on solar power.

GoingSolar.jpgVerde Solutions, a full-service energy company serving all of the United States, designed and installed a roof-mounted solar array for Sheet Metal Supply that has a power rating of 159.81 kW-DC.Throughout its 30-year lifespan, the system is estimated to produce 5,780,505 kWh, which is the equivalent to CO2 emissions from 459,865 gallons of gasoline consumed; greenhouse gases from 883 passenger vehicles driven for one year; or carbon sequestered from 68,113 tree seedings grown for 10 years.

“With our new facility and the recent purchase of new and more efficient equipment, the natural next step was to run our entire operation on solar power,” says Ben Kweton, President of Sheet Metal Supply. “The transition to lowering carbon emissions and minimizing our carbon footprint was a conscious decision dedicated to investing responsibly in our future as well as the future of our customers.” 

The solar array was completed in February and up and running in March.

“At Verde Solutions, we are thrilled to congratulate Sheet Metal Supply and its visionary owners, the Kweton family, for their forward-thinking decision to incorporate solar power into their facility,” says Chris Gersch, Founder & CEO of Verde Solutions LLC. “By powering their operations 100 percent with green, onsite-sourced solar power, SMS is not only enhancing its commitment to providing top-quality roofing products in a cost-effective and greener way, but also setting a benchmark in sustainability. 

“Additionally, we extend our gratitude to ComEd and the Illinois Power Agency for their invaluable education and incentives, which have been instrumental in making solar energy adoption a viable and attractive option for businesses in Illinois. Companies like Sheet Metal Supply are building a greener, more sustainable future.”