Vitro Architectural Glass has unveiled the VitroVerse Glass Tools Mobile Hub. This digital platform consolidates all Vitro digital tools into one easily accessible mobile site to support architects, building owners, fabricators, glaziers and end users.

The VitroVerse™ interactive mobile experience houses dynamic digital tools like Vitro GlassFinder, the emissions Carbon & Energy Calculator, VitroSphere Digital Glass Simulator and more.

“One of our top priorities was to organize our innovative tools into one convenient location,” said Fernando Diez, Vice President of Marketing at Vitro Architectural Glass. “We’re pleased to provide users with quick and easy access via their phone and tablet to interactive tools that outline detailed information about product performance, aesthetics and carbon impact. We’re also working on additional tools to support users we hope to add soon.”

GlassFinder helps identify the best glass products to achieve aesthetic and performance goals. Available in English and Spanish, GlassFinder includes easy-to-navigate categories like appearance, including color and exterior reflectance, and performance, including solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), visible light transmittance (VLT) and winter U-value.

Launched in early 2024, Vitro’s emissions Carbon & Energy Calculator models energy consumption and embodied and operational carbon emissions in various standard buildings. The tool uses the DOE-2 building energy analysis program to simulate a full year of typical operations data for five common building types: convention centers, offices, educational facilities, hospitals and healthcare, and multi-family residences.

The award-winning VitroSphere Digital Glass Simulator allows users to explore, visualize and compare Vitro’s Solarban® solar control low-e glass products across various building types. The simulator presents renderings of five building facades, from convention centers to offices, hospitals and universities. VitroSphere™ also allows users to explore their facade selections in sunny and overcast weather conditions, which can significantly impact how a facade is viewed.

VitroVerse Glass Tools Mobile Hub is recommended for mobile devices (phones and tablets) and is not intended for use on a desktop or laptop. Please note that VitroVerse is not an offline tool and requires internet, Wi-Fi or mobile data to load.

For the best experience and ease of routine use, follow these instructions to create a convenient shortcut on your mobile device.