I grew up in a family business of process engineering and manufacturing. I started in janitorial work and eventually rose up to project accounting. After getting married, my husband and I started a commercial development company and built several office buildings. I learned a great deal as this was challenging yet rewarding at the same time. With our joint vision, T&T Construction Management Group, Inc. was established, and my husband and I have worked side by side to grow the business. We have evolved our geographic footprint from primarily Central Florida to providing services across the Eastern Seaboard. My responsibilities have increased over the years, from Vice President to Chief Executive Officer.

For me, I love design/build projects. They showcase innovation, creativity and collectively bring multiple trades within the industry together to create a masterpiece. Being involved from the design phase through completion allows us to bring our client's vision from inception to the final product. It's exceptionally rewarding to see the end result of the team's hard work.

Diversity of thought aligned around a central vision is important in any industry. Diversity drives innovation, and women are key to that. Women bring unique perspectives to the industry that are vital to help grow and develop an organization. With the AEC industry being the largest in the nation, it is important for women to bring their talents to construction and become key contributors and leaders.

That being said, my advice would be to find a mentor, be confident in your skills and abilities, know you have something of value to add to the industry, work hard, and bring your unique ideas to the table.

Building Enclosure Celebrates International Women's Day

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