Bitec’s DuraPlan™ EcoSet Green adhesive is believed to be the roofing industry’s first ultra-low-solvent adhesive designed specifically for cold-process APP modified bitumen roof systems with slopes up to 3:12. Its eco-friendly formula is very low odor with less than 25 g/L VOCs, and can be used to construct single or multiple plies of Bitec-approved base sheets and cap sheets or as a flood coat in cold-process applications.

This moisture-cured, asphalt-free adhesive is ideally suited to schools, hospitals, and other odor-sensitive projects requiring cold application of a long-lasting, durable APP roof system. Its ultra-low-solvent formulation helps reduce the overall carbon footprint of the roofing assembly.

Joel Shealey, vice president of Bitec, Inc. reports, “DuraPlan is a contractor-friendly product that greatly minimizes the odors associated with high-solvent products while maintaining the adhesive performance required for a long-lasting APP roof assembly.”

Bitec, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of some of the industry’s highest-quality APP- and SBS-modified bitumen membranes in North America. For more information, visit call 800.535.8597.