Vero Building Systems, a leader in innovative building solutions, has brought a groundbreaking building method that utilizes expanded polystyrene as an alternative to traditional construction materials to the United States at scale for the first time. Vero Building System’s expanded polystyrene panels are modular and enclosed by double-galvanized steel mesh. The panels can be used to build residential single-family homes, multi-family buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges, restaurants, office buildings, industrial sheds and more.

There are many benefits of utilizing expanded polystyrene panels in construction instead of wood or any other traditional building method. Vero Building Systems panels reduce construction costs by up to 30% and timelines by up to 40%. Compared to other building methods, the panels are more environmentally friendly. During a build, 40% less Co2 emissions are created when using Vero Building Systems panels, and 65% less Co2 is created over the lifetime of the structure. No waste is created in the manufacturing of the Vero Building Systems panels, every scrap is recycled and reused. Manufacturing the panels requires no harmful chemicals, and no harmful emissions are generated. The costs of building with expanded polystyrene panels are also remarkably lower than lumber or traditional building methods.

As the frequency of extreme weather events and natural disasters increases, the need for new building methods that are more durable becomes more urgent. Vero Building Systems panels are tested to withstand the most catastrophic climate events. The panels meet Miami-Dade certification standards for category 5 hurricanes. They can survive earthquakes up to a 10 on the Richter scale, winds up to 150 mph, and windborne objects projected at 66mph with no damage. While finishing surfaces like siding and shingles will be damaged in a fire, Vero Building Systems panels are self-extinguishing. The panels can be on fire for 150 minutes and the walls and roof will remain intact, with no structural damage. Plumbing and wiring inside the panels is also protected from the heat and flames. Vero Building Systems panels are bulletproof and blast resistant, tested to withstand an explosion of three tons per square foot.

“In 2018, I had just moved to Florida from the Pacific Northwest and had my first child when hurricane Michael hit. I was terrified because I knew that our house was only built to withstand a category three storm, and Michael was a five. The devastation that I witnessed and the fear that I felt for my daughter and our family inspired me to start researching ways to build better so people can be better protected in disasters,” said Vero Building Systems Co-Founder Annette Rubin. “Through my research I discovered expanded polystyrene panels and learned they have a 40-year tried and tested track record in global construction projects but are not available at scale in the United States. My mission is to give everyone access to affordable and safe housing, schools, hospitals, and more so other families do not have to experience the terror I did during the hurricane.”

Vero Building Systems expanded polystyrene panels are available in 13 unique product codes and are fully customizable. Builders, developers, engineers, architects, new home buyers, and government officials in charge of projects for the public sector can learn more at