We all love the iconic impact of a shimmering glass tower on the skyline. But are the days of these glass-clad structures numbered?

New energy codes, notably in Chicago, are placing strict limitations on the amount of glass that can be incorporated into a new building. In high temperatures, glass simply lets in too much heat, and in low temperatures, too much cold. Reducing the amount of glass in a building reduces heating and cooling costs significantly.

Two sustainability experts at Chicago-based firm FitzGerald, Charlie Saville and Mike DeRouin, believe that buildings constructed in the 20’s will look entirely different from those built in the past decade, with opaque walls, fewer windows, and passive solar shading that attempts to keep the sun off the windows. How will this impact how the occupants of these buildings live? How can we balance comfort and natural light with sustainable, energy-saving measures?

Listen in as our Group Publisher, Jill Bloom, talks to FitzGerald about how shifting energy codes are impacting construction, particularly within the multifamily sector.